Who We Are


Found guilty of crimes against Rock and Roll...

Condemned for eternity to create original music in front of a live audience...

Destined to never have enough time...


We mix live music, theater, improv, and comedy elements to create a show unlike any other. There really is nothing else on the planet like a Rock Improv-a-Ganza show!

Every guitar riff, bass lick, drum beat, and lyric that we perform is composed live, on stage, before the eyes of the audience. The musicians in our Troupe work without a net – there is absolutely no song preparation done before the show. It’s true musical improv!

Every person who rolls our Die of Destiny to help us select each original song's style wins a prize!

Musicians and singers can pull the Sword of Change from its stone and use it to slay a player and take their place on stage for a song!

It's the world's only musical game show - it's Rock Improv-a-Ganza!

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