Troupe - Angus


First instrument played:
Guitar and a little bit of trumpet but that made my lips numb

Main instrument:

Other instruments played:
Banjo, Mandolin, Piano and Bass – rather poorly but could play a tune on them

First band:

Other current bands:
Death Angus is always an ongoing project but then aren't all one man black metal bands.

Any funny band stories?
Once while in a cover band we broke in a new bass player by playing "Seek and Destroy" in less than 4 minutes.

Fun fact about yourself:
I still play Dungeons and Dragons once a week except for the weeks of Rock Improv-A-Ganza but at least there is still some die rolling happening.

Most memorable Rock Improv-a-Ganza experience so far:
Those moments when everything just clicks and works perfectly. There are usually one or two per show.

Favorite Sacred Object:
The Die of Destiny - it's where it all starts. Without the Die, there is no game.

New genre Rock Improv-a-Ganza should add:
Thrash would be a lot of fun or maybe a bit of Death Metal. There is always square dance music or maybe polka.

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