How It Works

The Rock Improv-a-Ganza Troupe members are ruled by the Sacred Objects that guide our song creation process. They are:

Before each song is created, a member of the audience is asked to roll the sacred 12-sided Die of Destiny, which selects the musical style to be manifested!

Next, that same volunteer selects three random words from The Lyrical Tome, which the Troupe will use to create song lyrics!

Any musicians or singers in the audience can grab The Sword of Change between songs, using it to "Slay to Play" - slashing an onstage musician of their choice and taking over their instrument for a song!

The Crown of Exaltation is placed upon the head of audience members who slay their way onstage!

The Satchel of Mystery contains a weapon that can be used against the Troupe as they perform! It must be offered to the audience one time - and only one time - during the performance!