The Troupe

Rock Improv-a-Ganza has performed with the following players:

Steve S. - drums, percussion
Jason R. - guitar, vocals
Keith F. - keyboards, guitar
Bill K. - bass
Angus P. - guitar
Mike Z. - guitar, vocals
Lou C. - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Chris K. - guitar, vocals
Doug L. - guitar, vocals
Jason R. #2 - vocals
Steve P. - drums
Frank D. - bass, accordion
Dan S. - guitar
Pinewolf - Harmonica, Drums
Dan D. - bass
Andy - bass
Cody O. - guitar, bass, drums
Ryan B. - drums
Mason - percussion
Dan ?. - guitar
Goliath - keyboards
George R. - vocals
The Mysterious Stranger - vocals
Mike D. - tambourine
Greg - vocals
John - drums
Tom - guitar/guitar synth
Alan - vocals
Michael - vocals
Andrew - guitar
Zack - guitar, drums
Juan - vocals
Nohemi - vocals
Kiki - acoustic and electric guitar
Jimmy - guitar
Jack - guitar, drums
Matt - vocals
Keith S. - guitar
Dave - guitar, vocals
Greg - bass
Maurica - vocals
Jason P. - host
Roland - guitar
Zach - guitar, drums, vocals
T.J. - guitar, vocals
Devin - vocals
Jessica - vocals
Vinnie - vocals
Diana - vocals
Jay - drums
Tom - drums, bass
Nelson - drums, vocals
John I. - guitar
Dominick - guitar, vocals
Clara - drums
Brandon - guitar
Mom - guitar
Steve V. - bass
Ron - upright bass
Nico - keyboards
Brandon - keyboards
Jim A. - keyboards, drums

A typical Rock Improv-a-Ganza show features vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, keyboard, harmonica, ukulele - even accordion! We also bring hand percussion instruments (shakers, tambourines, etc.) so the audience can add to the music without leaving their seats!

The Rock Improv-a-Ganza Troupe is centralized in the South Jersey area.

Other Projects:
Check out what the members of our Troupe are doing when they're not rocking out with us:

• Keith F. has been playing keyboards for The Blitz Band for over a decade!
Pinewolf & the Pack plays a mix of classic and original blues tunes!
• Frank D. plays bass in The Paisley Pickles , an energetic kid's band!
• Doug L. and Steve S.'s original band Cuppa Joe started back in 1990!