Troupe - George


First instrument played:

Main instrument:
Singing- shouting actually.

Other instruments played:
Anything Linda McCartney played, I can play.

First band:
The Fallopian Tubas. I kid you not. I played tuba.

Other current bands:
None that I can talk about- my Non disclosure agreement with Bon Jovi does not allow me to discuss my other work.

Any funny band stories?
I have a great story about the Beatles I hard once. Are you sure you want me to tell it?

Fun fact about yourself:
I have sang on stage in 4 continents- but it was all karaoke!

Most memorable Rock Improv-a-Ganza experience so far:
Favorite moment – about 2/3 through every song – it clicks--- the song lyrics start to make sense, the verse differentiates from the chorus. and then the song ends. Boo.

Favorite Sacred Object:
Sword of Change- because that is the tool that allows me to take the stage!

New genre Rock Improv-a-Ganza should add:
Power Pop

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