Troupe - Steve


First instrument played:
Snare drum in my elementary school band, starting in 4th Grade.

Main instrument:

Other instruments played:

First band:
We never made it out of the attic in our college house, but we called ourselves Yikes!

Other current bands:
Cuppa Joe

Any funny band stories?
One time when Cuppa Joe was playing at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park, someone threw an M-80 at us, and we had a guitar stolen in the confusion. We later figured it was part of a coordinated plan. This happened over twenty years ago, and it's probably more entertaining than actually funny.

Fun fact about yourself:
I believed I was Batman until about age 9. I mean really believed.

Most memorable Rock Improv-a-Ganza experience so far:
Seeing Pinewolf walk in to get a cup of coffee, then join us on harmonica and then drums, was a pretty big moment.

Favorite Sacred Object:
The Satchel of Mystery... and what it holds...

New genre Rock Improv-a-Ganza should add:
Video game-inspired music.

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